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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We’re a licensed & insured general contractor capable of running construction projects throughout the Piedmont Regions of North and South Carolina.

Commercial Construction

At H&C, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best general contractor and commercial construction services in the Carolinas.  H&C brings over 10 years of commercial construction experience to the Carolinas.  A commercial building is different from a residential building and it’s important to choose a builder that has experience and knowledge in the intricacies of this more complex area of construction.  At H&C, we have experience with a variety of commercial buildings, such as

  • Medical Office

  • Business Complexes

  • Restaurant & Retail

  • Shopping Malls

  • Hospitality

  • Higher Education

  • Interior Upfits

  • Build Out

  • Core & Shell

Insulation Installation in Room

Preconstuction Consulting

Any construction project has a series of phases where gaps in one can lead to trouble elsewhere in the future. At H&C, our pre construction consulting enables our clients to make more informed decisions. Construction is unpredictable, but with an expert team and thought-through logistics, you can cut the guesswork.


Pre-construction consulting is a series of meetings with our construction management team. Cost-efficient projects always start at this stage. So our construction consultants work with clients from day one.

Our team leverages its local market knowledge to help you develop realistic goals for the project based on its scope, budget, and timetable. We’ll uncover gaps in the design and identify potential issues that could raise costs or cause delays. We also coordinate work crews for the greatest efficiency.


Looking for a custom home builder, our team has you covered.  Our residential construction team can take care of all aspects of your dream home build.  

Need to refresh any room in your home or and an addition to the back to create your own personal get away.  Let us help you create your oasis.

Wooden House Construction
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